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FLB Music

A Beautiful 🌹 Feature Rich πŸ’Ž Music Player and Downloader

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Organize Your Music πŸ“šοΈ

Let FLB organize that cluttered library of yours.

Your music is neatly organized by artists, albums and folders to allow you to quickly find that track before the moment fades away.

And yes! All the artist images are automatically downloaded. That's such an obvious feature.

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Offline Lyrics πŸ“œ

A quick dose of internet and FLB quickly gets all the lyrics for your tracks, available even when you're offline.

It also attempts to sync up the lyrics with the song using the neat secret🀫 feature. Enjoy singing along.......

lyrics screenshot

Equalizer πŸŽ›οΈ

FLB comes with a beautiful, simple-to-use 5 band equalizer , coupled with your favorite band presets like dance, pop and more....

And if you don't like fiddling with frequencies and decibels, FLB got got you covered. Three simple sliders, for your bass, treble and of course, 200% volume. So slide 'em till you like it yo!

equalizer screenshot

Daily Mixes πŸ₯£

Everyday, FLB generates four mixes, based on what you've been listen to.

The "Tracks you've fallen for" mixes the tracks you've been listen to most.

The "Power Duo" Mix tracks from two of your favorite artists.

The "Tracks you might have been forgotten" mix for your list played tracks.

The "Fresh and Juicy Mix for the latest bangers in your music library

daily mixes screenshot

Playlists πŸ‘οΈ

I mean, is there any better way to organize your music than with this beautiful simple UI?

You don't even need to open the playlist to play that track for the tenth time. Just click it.

playlist tab screenshot

Coming Soon πŸ”₯

Its Called Meld

Import your entire Library from spotify, deezer and other streaming platforms

And Listen to them right in FLB

If you like it a lot, download it

Meld Music screaming teaser